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LISTen: Data Insights

We love data and marketing, ideas, and solutions. We hope you’ll spend a little time reading about them on our blog!

LISTen: Data Insights

We love data and marketing, ideas, and solutions. We hope you’ll spend a little time reading about them on our blog!

Data is a small word filled with big ideas. Today, in a digitally connected world, having the right data matters more than ever. Maribeth loves sharing the latest ideas, insights, trends, and solutions through thought-provoking blog articles.

Our goal is to help you make smarter decisions based on better information, whether it comes from our work, our articles, or the ideas of people we respect.

Google’s New Ad Targeting Rules: Pt. 1

On October 19th, Google Ads changed its policy on targeting for advertisers in the credit, housing and employment verticals serving ads in the United States and Canada. These advertisers are no longer allowed to target users based on zip code or demographic attributes including age, gender or marital or parental status. Advertisers have 60 days to accept the policy and make necessary changes to their targeting to comply. During that [...]

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Give Thanks for the Ability to Pivot

It’s no secret most of us are ready for 2020 to end. We’re exhausted from being tested in ways too numerous to count. Drawing up a list of things to be grateful for to share with our family on Thanksgiving seems pointless, and maybe even cruel. But as the days grow shorter and a bit darker, I do believe there are reasons to give thanks. Millions of Americans have tested [...]

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Retarget Campaigns to Stay Top of Mind

In the aftermath of COVID-19’s massive disruption to the senior living industry, many communities continue to struggle to maintain their occupancy levels. In fact, a recent survey shows nearly half of communities have offered rent concessions in an attempt to attract and retain residents. As communities seek ways to stabilize occupancy in this ongoing crisis, effective marketing strategies remain critical in the fight to gain leads and push them forward [...]

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Effective Top-of-Funnel Marketing

The senior living sales cycle takes significant time to move individuals in the target audience from the top of the sales funnel to conversion. Before COVID-19, the average sales cycle for independent living residents took 120 days with approximately a 30% conversion rate. During the pandemic, the sales cycle has lengthened, highlighting a greater need to capture leads and maintain engagement. Many senior living communities are now emphasizing and placing [...]

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Consistent Internal Communication is Vital

Senior living employees bring a spirit of dedication, hard work, and motivation to their job. But it’s important to remind them of the value they add to the community and the daily lives of the residents. One often overlooked segment in many of the COVID-19 discussions is that of the employees in the senior living industry. From the staff caring for residents to the corporate teams facing record-breaking low occupancy [...]

By |October 25, 2020|Categories: Senior Living|

Doing More with Less

Despite the president's optimism that COVID-19 would be resolved before summer, the virus remains a fact of daily life. This remains especially true for the senior living industry, with up to 40% of the total U.S. COVID-19 deaths tied to nursing home communities. The hit to the senior living industry’s reputation, higher operational costs, and lower occupancy rates have impacted budgets. Everyone in the industry is facing the need to [...]

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