The senior living sales cycle takes significant time to move individuals in the target audience from the top of the sales funnel to conversion. Before COVID-19, the average sales cycle for independent living residents took 120 days with approximately a 30% conversion rate. During the pandemic, the sales cycle has lengthened, highlighting a greater need to capture leads and maintain engagement. Many senior living communities are now emphasizing and placing more focus on their digital content to reach their target audiences and to close the gap created when in-person marketing stopped.

Strategic marketing funnels that use data analytics give senior living communities the ability to segment their audiences. This allows them to deliver targeted communication with each segment’s interests and needs in mind. With the right information being presented to the right audience, you can build an effective marketing funnel to drive leads and reduce the length of your sales cycle. The key to this is delivering engaging, relevant content that captures the attention and continues to provide value throughout the entire sales process, leading prospective residents toward making a purchase decision.

Engaged from the Start

Drip email campaigns can drive new leads into your marketing funnel by using engaging top-of-funnel content. The top of the funnel includes the first steps in a prospective resident’s journey, that point when individuals in your target market begin their search and become aware of your brand or product. An effective drip campaign focuses the initial email messages on recognizing the needs your audience has identified and offering them a compelling solution. Without a strong start, email recipients may not open the email, may read but not click your links or may simply unsubscribe, thereby disconnecting you from an exciting prospect.

We all know that short and shareable content is especially effective in capturing attention and driving engagement. Entertaining content, that taps into emotions, whether with humor or sympathy, draws in the reader. Omnichannel marketing uses a variety of integrated methods to reach your audience with cohesive messaging across all platforms and mediums. As part of your omnichannel campaign, your drip campaign should be part of your concerted effort to nurture a prospect’s interest and brand awareness. For example, you might choose to create a short and entertaining video about a special event to be used as part of your drip campaign and use social media ads linked to a downloadable brochure to promote the event.

This interconnection between marketing channels is crucial.Senior living communities producing a variety of effective digital content experience increased engagement with an audience who is tired of hearing non-stop COVID-19 and political messages. While it is vital to provide updates, to reassure families and communicate protocols, new leads require a nuanced approach that’s aware of COVID-19 fatigue and competing demands on prospective residents’ attention. That’s one reason why it can be a challenge to get top-of-funnel content right.

Reinforce Drip Campaigns

For the best results, top-of-funnel marketing should be aimed towards highly qualified leads who are likely to convert. Scientifically curated lists based on data analytics are the best way to find and identify such individuals. Once a prospect engages with you in your first round of messaging, it’s time to follow up with a strong campaign.

At each step of the way, every time a lead responds to your marketing materials, the next piece of content needs to become even more targeted and personalized. In addition to email, social media ads reinforcing your messaging can continue to drive brand awareness and help your lead make you their choice.

Strong Top-of-Funnel Marketing

The most effective top-of-funnel marketing maximizes the value of their drip campaigns by leveraging lists of highly qualified leads who are most likely to convert. Sabal Group helps senior living marketers understand and target the right audience by transforming data into usable information that provides real insight. Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to shorten your sales cycle and convert more leads into satisfied residents.