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LISTen: Data Insights

We love data and marketing, ideas, and solutions. We hope you’ll spend a little time reading about them on our blog!

LISTen: Data Insights

We love data and marketing, ideas, and solutions. We hope you’ll spend a little time reading about them on our blog!

Data is a small word filled with big ideas. Today, in a digitally connected world, having the right data matters more than ever. Maribeth loves sharing the latest ideas, insights, trends, and solutions through thought-provoking blog articles.

Our goal is to help you make smarter decisions based on better information, whether it comes from our work, our articles, or the ideas of people we respect.

Choosing the Right Data Partner

Mis-matched. Not aligned. Pursuing different goals. Not on the same page. So many ways to say the same thing. But no matter how you say it, there’s no escaping it. Breaking up is hard to do. We’ve all been there. Maybe more than once. Which is why it’s vital to carefully choose the right data partner. There are three keys to finding the right partner: Shared Values Shared Goals Shared [...]

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Privacy, Data and You

New privacy laws are taking effect in five states in 2023, and more states are taking up the topic of personal privacy in state legislatures. What does it mean for you? More than you might imagine. If you engage in direct or digital marketing, if you collect personal information from your audience, or if you’re a publisher, these new laws directly affect how you go about business as usual. It [...]

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Are You a Disruptor or Dealing with Disruption?

Disruption. It’s a popular buzzword, and one we’re likely to hear tossed about frequently at the LeadingAge conference in Denver. As I think about the conference, I’ve been mulling the very idea of disruption and its potential in senior living. I haven’t reached any conclusions yet, which is why I’m looking forward to the conference. Here’s what I’m hoping I learn more about in the Mile High City. Finding An [...]

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Our Healthcare Data Model Drives Results

The wave of consumerism rising in the healthcare world isn’t going to go away. Current and future patients are more engaged in their care, more knowledgeable (thanks Google), and more willing to use tele-health, urgent care and on-demand care centers. So I have to ask, is your strategy working? Are you using the best healthcare data modeling? Your prospective audience is digitally savvy. So of course you’re running display and [...]

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Getting Off the Marketing Hamster Wheel

It’s time. It’s time to really get serious about the marketing hamster wheel that’s become a trap for everyone. Like the proverbial critter, too many marketing campaigns generate an endless cycle of predictable event topics, the tired email and direct mail pieces, and social media ad campaigns. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Is it working for you? I know many clients are facing smaller and smaller audiences. The pressure of generating an [...]

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Omnichannel Marketing Makes Good $ense

I recently learned a new word to describe what we’re all going through: skimpflation. Coined by Planet Money on NPR, it refers to the ways in which brands reduce services instead of raising prices. For example, hotels cut back on housekeeping at the start of the pandemic. Two years later, it has become the norm unless you’re staying at a 5-star hotel. The whole idea struck a nerve as I [...]

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