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LISTen: Data Insights

We love data and marketing, ideas, and solutions. We hope you’ll spend a little time reading about them on our blog!

LISTen: Data Insights

We love data and marketing, ideas, and solutions. We hope you’ll spend a little time reading about them on our blog!

Data is a small word filled with big ideas. Today, in a digitally connected world, having the right data matters more than ever. Maribeth loves sharing the latest ideas, insights, trends, and solutions through thought-provoking blog articles.

Our goal is to help you make smarter decisions based on better information, whether it comes from our work, our articles, or the ideas of people we respect.

Advocate for Change

Change. It’s a fact of life. We’ve all experienced it, even when we didn’t want to change. And it’s one of the biggest obstacles your sales team faces in converting leads into new senior living residents. Because change is hard (duh!). But change also offers the promise of new possibilities. So how do you make it easier for your leads to say yes? We have thoughts about that very thing. [...]

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Image is Everything

Back in 1989, Andre Agassi uttered a memorable line for a camera commercial. The phrase, “Image is everything,” would follow him and become a cornerstone of American culture. Image is indeed everything in our social media-focused lives. Check your phone. How many selfies are there? We’re all about our image. How we look. How it looks to others. It’s as true for Gen Xers as it is for Boomers. And [...]

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Busting Baby Boomer Myths

Let’s face it, you should never generalize about a cohort of 76.4 million individuals. Especially the generation that made ‘do your own thing’ a badge of honor. Attaching labels or assumptions to the entire generation of Baby Boomers is dangerous at best and downright silly at worst. But fools rush in and Boomer myths are born. A recent The Economist article led with a clickbait title labeling Baby Boomers as [...]

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The Power of Walking

We all know exercise is good for us. Truth be told, doctors have been telling their patients they need to be active. I don’t know if Hippocrates ever said use it or lose it, but he was the first recorded doctor to prescribe exercise to his patients. Two millennia later, I’ve found that my daily walk with a friend (at 5am no less), has been a lifesaver. Putting one foot [...]

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Why Your Direct Mail Fails to Convert

Direct mail seems like a safe bet for senior living marketing. According to USPS research, Boomers like getting direct mail more than other generations. So it makes sense to reach out to your target audience via snail mail. But then what happens? It’s tossed away and forgotten by the majority of recipients. When budgets are tight, convincing your audience to actually respond for a senior living event means your messaging [...]

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Boomers’ Wants versus Needs

In just six short years, according to the Census Bureau, all Baby Boomers will be 65 years or older; that’s 1 in 6 people in the US. It’s time to get real about Boomers. What they want and expect versus what they need now and in the future are likely very different. We all know the difference between wants and needs, but like toddlers, we sometimes willfully ignore one in [...]

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