Do you wish you could read your target audience’s mind? In senior living marketing, staying ahead of the competition means tapping into innovative tools and resources. Keyword listening gives marketers an effective way to track and employ search data.

Data empowers marketers to provide more effective leads to the sales team. In fact, 34% of salespeople say their number one need is better quality leads. And the way to do that is to reach the right people with the right message. You can open the door to understanding the behaviors and desires of your target audience with digital listening. At Sabal Group, we can guide you and improve your marketing strategy using these smart data solutions.

Relevant Keyword Searches

With keyword listening, we enhance your online marketing efforts by identifying the people behind the searches. We not only know when and what people are searching for but who is searching. This means you can send targeted messages to a specific audience based on their online behavior.

For example, when a person searches for certain industry-related keywords such as “assisted living near me,” we can tie that person to their demographic data, like age and location. Then, the Sabal team can help you determine the best channel and message to use to reach them. You already know that adult children respond to different messaging than potential residents. And by delivering a personalized and targeted message based on their search behavior, the results of your campaign are more effective.

Relevant Ads in Real Time

After moderate growth in 2020, digital advertising is expected to grow by 17% in 2021. With the increased prevalence and influence of digital advertising, senior living communities need to reach the right audience with differentiated content that maximizes their online advertising dollars.

Keyword listening tracks search behavior in real time and delivers relevant ads instantly in response to search behavior. You can reach your audience while your industry is at the top of their mind. This powerful tool gives an instant solution to the problem your audience is trying to solve. It’s almost like reading their minds!

Retarget Website Visitors

This listening strategy lays a foundation for an effective retargeting campaign. First, a potential lead visits your website and through keyword listening, you know what they’re looking for. Second, using our tool lets you continue to track and reach the people who visit the website but don’t take action. You can retarget these potential leads through a display ad campaign or other marketing communications.

Omnichannel campaigns produce better results than a single-channel approach. Connecting across multiple channels creates more opportunities for the desired response. Email, social media, your website, blog articles, and digital ads work together to retarget leads and drive conversions. By tracking online behavior, you know the right time to reconnect with new messaging.

Benefits of Keyword Listening 

Keyword listening gives insight into who is researching senior living. Plus, you know when they are searching, so you can reach them right away. This puts real-time data to work for you. With keyword listening, you have the information you need to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Approximately 80% of marketers don’t believe their efforts effectively generate leads. That’s a problem for senior living communities needing to rebuild occupancy in 2021. Keyword listening removes the obstacle of not knowing how or where to reach your target market. Instead, it gives you the power to connect immediately through targeted marketing efforts based on their search data.

Take Your Marketing Up a Notch

Sabal Group offers keyword listening as part of our data-based marketing tools for senior living communities. We empower you to use omnichannel marketing effectively to drive results. You receive the information you need when you need it. I’d love to discuss how we can move your business forward with innovative marketing solutions.