Disruption. It’s a popular buzzword, and one we’re likely to hear tossed about frequently at the LeadingAge conference in Denver. As I think about the conference, I’ve been mulling the very idea of disruption and its potential in senior living. I haven’t reached any conclusions yet, which is why I’m looking forward to the conference. Here’s what I’m hoping I learn more about in the Mile High City.

Finding An Audience

COVID impacted us in unexpected ways. We’ve all learned to become a bit more self-sufficient. Instacart and Uber Eats made life easier. Ordering online and picking up your items at the curb introduced more people to the convenience of ecommerce. Shopping will never be the same! For senior living, move-in rates for many communities continue to be impacted in ways no one anticipated. And too many communities have been unable to bounce back to pre-pandemic census levels.

Disruption is the Future

Even without the changes wrought by COVID, senior living’s future residents won’t look like current residents. We’ve all been hearing about a Silver Tsunami creating instant demand. But those Boomers you’re pinning your hopes on disrupting your future marketing strategies right now. Most of them plan to or prefer to age in place in their own homes. They like living in their large homes with all of their things. They intend to remain stubbornly independent, and technology is ready to help them do just that. So how do you market senior living to a cohort who will forever see themselves as perpetually young, even if it’s only young at heart?

Making a Real Connection

We think a lot about what we do and why we do it at Sabal Group. We know we can be a game changer, a disruptor, when our clients pivot to an omnichannel marketing strategy. Now, some might say that omnichannel marketing isn’t, strictly speaking, a form of disruption. But when you move away from buying generic lists of data and focus your time, budget and efforts on speaking to the right audience who mirrors your current residents, you’ll see why it can disrupt your results.

I’d like to spend some time with you talking about how we can disrupt the same-old, same-old marketing approach to help your team find the right audience on the right platform who wants to hear your message. If you see me in Denver, just mention this article and I’ll buy you coffee or the beverage of your choice to enjoy as we discuss your ideas about how to disrupt marketing in the senior living vector. Feel free to email me to set a specific time and place to meet. As President of Sabal Group, my coffee budget can’t be beat, just like our data!