It’s time. It’s time to really get serious about the marketing hamster wheel that’s become a trap for everyone. Like the proverbial critter, too many marketing campaigns generate an endless cycle of predictable event topics, the tired email and direct mail pieces, and social media ad campaigns.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Is it working for you? I know many clients are facing smaller and smaller audiences. The pressure of generating an unending stream of new prospects has them asking what else they can do to move someone from lukewarm to a hot move-in prospect. I want to tell them to stop the cycle. But I don’t think they’ll hear me. That’s why it’s time to have a serious discussion about what’s working, post-pandemic (which is an oxymoron since COVID hasn’t gone away).

Is this a new normal? We revert to that tired phrase whenever there’s a watershed moment in our personal and professional lives. Is turning Baby Boomers into senior living residents all that different from transforming their parents into current residents? I don’t think so. But.

Boomers are Different

Here’s the thing that is different: How we reach and how we speak to them. Getting their focused attention is much more difficult today than it ever has been. They, just like you and me, are inundated with marketing messages. They pop up on our phones, interrupt our streaming programs, and turn our social feeds into a continuous series of “sponsored posts” aka ads. We, and they, have learned to ignore most of this noise and to just keep on scrolling.

Let’s Meet & Brainstorm

How do we break the cycle of noise and make a difference for our clients? I have some ideas, and I’m hoping you do too. I’m really hoping we can connect in Denver at the LeadingAge convention. If you have 30 minutes, let’s connect, enjoy a beverage, and talk about ways to ditch the hamster wheel. I’m betting that, together, we can make a difference.