Digital technology continues to expand its reach into more areas of our lives, and senior living is no exception. Over the last year, the senior living sector has experienced a monumental increase in technology spending. From telehealth and monitoring apps to virtual tours and Zoom events, the internet has proven to be a lifeline to keep residents, families, and prospects connected to your community.

A recent survey reports 87% of industry professionals plan to spend more on technology this year than last year. Now is the time to get ahead of the competition by intentionally integrating technology tools and resources into both operational care and marketing to attract Baby Boomers.

Boomers and Families Expect Tech

As the next generation of senior living residents, Baby Boomers are digitally literate and connected. In fact, 85% of baby boomers use digital technology to reach the internet, including social media. To reach this audience, and keep their attention, marketers must meet them where they are – online. And don’t forget their adult children. Gen X depends on the internet and online resources to do everything from their job to ordering dinner.

A successful future means relying more on innovative, technological resources that enhance connection, communication, and care. Residents and their families want a community invested in digital amenities that match or exceed what they have in their own homes. As communities embrace these digital resources, they also need to promote these solutions to their current residents and prospects to drive retention and conversion. What technology will Boomers expect?

  • Reliable, high-speed internet access with Wi-Fi
  • Integrated telehealth options
  • Community-specific apps for residents, staff, and families
  • Bandwidth to handle video calls and virtual events
  • Smart home technologies, like thermostats, personal assistants, and lighting
  • Wearables and apps to monitor and track health, wellness, and fitness

Tell Your Tech Story

A modern and mobile-friendly website with the features tech-savvy consumers expect is the first step. Simple things like social media icons, original video, and live chat communicate to your audience that you possess a certain level of technical competency. For instance, did you know 63% of respondents are more likely to return to a website that uses live chat? Now is the time to look at the story you’re telling your web visitors about all the other aspects of your commitment to technology. Baby Boomers are sophisticated consumers, and soft stories highlighting technology solutions are one way to attract their attention.

Get Serious About Digital

The pandemic highlighted the importance of digital advances in senior living. Communities who haven’t embraced technology will have a more difficult recovery. To regain lost occupancy levels, senior living communities will benefit by embracing digital solutions, both as amenities and marketing tools. I’d love to talk with you about how Sabal Group empowers marketers to understand and incorporate data analytics and digital tools into more effective marketing strategies.