Did you know that 70% of senior living consumers make an inbound call at some point during the buyer’s journey? Senior living marketing requires a personalized approach that includes easy access for consumers to call. In addition, both an inbound and outbound call tracker is essential to improve and maximize the effectiveness of the calls. Don’t miss out on this vital marketing tool, invest in an improved and data-based call strategy.

Calls Convert Better Than Other Marketing Tactics

Inbound calls are an indispensable part of a senior living marketing strategy. When consumers call, they convert 30% faster than non-callers. Due to this high level of effectiveness, other marketing materials should include a call to action that directs consumers toward a call.

Calls work! Over 60% of booked senior living tours result from an inbound call. Plus, calls produce 10 to 15 times more revenue when compared to website leads. Make it easy for consumers to reach you through a call to achieve better returns on your marketing dollars.

Not only do you need the right call tracker tools in place to manage inbound calls, a successful sales team employs an outbound call strategy to better connect with consumers. With the sales cycle for senior living at two years, outbound calls provide guidance on the journey to convert.

Another effective strategy includes proactive messaging targeted to qualified prospects and influencers. Reaching the right people with a data-focused strategy allows senior living communities to track effectiveness through responses. Use call tracking numbers, landing pages and targeted advertising to analyze ROI.

Improve Your Call Marketing Strategy

Current senior living marketing data demonstrates the importance of an emphasis on calls. Improve your caller experience by investing in a call tracker. Data analytics aids in targeting caller strategies to better reach, educate and convert leads.

One goal with data tracking is to determine which marketing efforts lead to more inbound calls. Direct your marketing dollars to the most effective tools based on the data results. For example, most consumers begin their search online. Make it easy for consumers to call from the website with a ‘call now’ feature.

Supplement the call strategy with quality online and printed content to create an integrated multichannel marketing plan. Hone your messaging across all marketing tactics to highlight for the consumer the benefits of connecting with a call. Include content that communicates the different reasons to call, like scheduling a tour.

Connect with Callers the Right Way

Callers are more loyal than web leads. Prioritize the quality of the call to connect with the consumer and provide accurate and useful information. While 35% to 45% of leads originate through the website, the website does not close the deal. Instead, this is the starting point. Therefore, a web visit must direct visitors to call.

The response time from web leads greatly correlates with consumer actions. A quick response time results in higher conversion rates. After only one hour, the chance to reach a lead drops by more than 10 times. Yet, many senior living communities do not have dedicated inbound call capacity, much less the right tools in place to track call data.

Narrow the gap between you and the competition by hiring and training staff to receive or quickly respond to inquiries. Not only do calls produce quicker conversions, they also have a 28% higher retention rate. Senior living communities can’t afford to miss out on calls.

The Bottom Line on Calls

To shorten the sales cycle and achieve higher conversions and better retention rates, focus on your marketing call strategy. Once the consumer connects with the senior living community via a call, ensure they receive quality and consistent follow-up marketing materials.

At Sabal, we provide data-based marketing solutions. An analytical approach to marketing means you spend your budget on what works to produce results, like a focus on calls.

To learn more about developing a more effective marketing call strategy, give Maribeth a call today!