We’ve all heard that we need to adapt or die in business. Netflix is a great example of a business that smartly pivoted to survive. On the other hand, Kodak failed the test. The best lesson I have learned while leading Sabal Group is the power of embracing change. It’s taught me the power of resilience in achieving our goals.

Everyone faces challenges in their lifetime. Some are small, and some are literally life-changing. The ability to overcome challenges is deeply rooted in resilience. And it’s an ability you must nurture in order to draw upon it when times are hard. (Hello pandemic, I’m looking at you!)

Bend not Break

Being resilient means an individual or company is flexible when faced with difficulties. Resilience requires the ability to learn and seek new solutions. It means accepting current circumstances without whining “why me?” Resilient companies and people are resourceful, creative and realistic. So when senior living faced difficult circumstances during COVID, resilient marketing teams were able to pivot. They understood that their major lead generator of in-person events needed to be set aside. And then they pivoted to new approaches.

Resilience isn’t a given for people or brands. It’s like any other ability, it has to be practiced and instilled. And you can’t acquire it overnight. It takes time.

Learn to Fail Better

Life’s most important lessons are hard ones. Broken hearts, betrayed trust, and failed tests teach general and specific lessons. Sometimes we learn that lesson. Sometimes we keep failing and failing. But if we learn the lesson, the next time we’re faced with similar circumstances, we stand a better chance of altering the outcome and succeeding. Or, as Samuel Beckett wrote, “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Because if there’s one thing I know, change is a fact of life.

A company’s ability to change is possible when its people are resilient. And that takes resilient leadership. Individuals and companies can build resilience by:

  • Building strong and healthy relationships within and outside the company
  • Ensuring every day has meaning
  • Being willing to learn from the past, both yours and others
  • Being open, hopeful and positive
  • Developing good self-care habits, managing stress and enjoying life
  • Being proactive by making plans and taking action

I realize we’ve been fortunate. Even with the challenges we’ve faced, our ability to face them, take action and move forward is not something to be taken for granted. No one can know what