Have you considered an ailment-focused campaign? Hesitant because you wonder if it can deliver the results you need? Trust us, it can. Over the past three months, Google searches for “Celine Dion health” have increased 900% as have searches for “Stiff person syndrome.” While the search giant doesn’t release specific search numbers, it does use a sliding scale to report monthly searches for stiff-person syndrome fall into the 100,000 – 1,000,000 category. That’s a lot of searches for a rare disorder afflicting fewer than 5,000 people in the US. It’s just one example of how many people turn to the internet to get health information.

Google & Health Information

In 2019, Google’s Health Vice President, David Feinberg, MD, said that 7% of daily searches are health related. In 2022, Google processed more than 99,000 searches per second. So while 7% may not sound like a significant number, when we’re dealing with 8.5 billion searches per day, that works out to 5.9 million health-related searches per day. In other words, most of us are turning to Google for answers about our health.

Ailment-Focused Data

Imagine being able to target an audience that is actively searching for your information. Sabal Group’s ailment-focused data covers more than 125 diseases and disorders ranging from general topics such as women’s health to specific concerns such as rheumatoid arthritis or hyperlipidemia. Big Pharma and insurance brands understand the power of connecting their message with the right audience. They’ve been using ailment-focused data to reach consumers who have self-identified or have someone in their household with a specific ailment for years. Now you can do the same.

Sabal Group can compile a customized data list based on a specific, self-reported ailment and further segment it based on such demographic factors as:

  • Age
  • Household with an elderly parent living with an adult child or comprised of 3 generations
  • Income / net worth / assets
  • Lifestyle
  • Marital status
  • Medication

An ailment-focused mailing list includes the phone number, postal address and an email address for each household. This gives you the ability to run an omnichannel campaign so you can reach your preferred audience on the channels they choose.

The Cleanest Data

An ailment-focused data list is compiled at the individual and the household level, which assures better quality data. Our entire database is continuously updated with new, proprietary data sources to ensure completeness and “selectability.” Furthermore, our entire senior master file is also standardized, using our proprietary USPS processing on a monthly basis. This includes passing the database through the National Change of Address (NOCA®) database, Locatable Address Conversion System (LACSLink®) and Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS®). This helps to ensure that your list will perform at the highest level of deliverability. But there’s one more step we take before we deliver your custom list: removing duplicate entries.

A list based on self reporting for each ailment means a single household may report multiple ailments. We know that our source databases may include both an individual and their household as two separate entries. When we run a count for the number of postal or email counts, the initial count will likely contain duplicate records. Before we deliver your list, we will sort the file to remove those duplicate entries. This ensures you do not waste marketing dollars by sending multiple pieces to the same address.

Target a Custom Audience

Sabal Group’s ailment-focused list can be tailored for audiences interested in insurance, long-term care, estate or retirement planning. We can deliver a list focused on a health topic such as high blood pressure, wellness or dementia. Last month, there were 100,000 – 1,000,000 Google searches using the phrase “depression symptoms.” Imagine the value of an event that provides concrete health information on how to spot the early signs of depression to an audience who is actively looking for trustworthy information. The same thing can be done all across the full list of ailments we cover.

Our ailment data can also identify households with adult children living with an elderly parent. Imagine being able to speak directly to the adult child who is looking for solutions. And by focusing on solutions, even those as general as how to live a healthy life, you help your audience see you as a problem solver and a solution. Instead of yet another independent living 101 presentation, your marketing team can bring in experts in nutrition, wellness, fitness and medicine to present authoritative advice and glimpses into the value of joining your community. And it’s an audience that isn’t looking for a free lunch!

Data List Expertise

Sabal Group is recognized for their expertise in delivering the right data to help you speak and market to the right audience. If you’d like to know more about ailment-focused lists or you’d like to learn more about how you can use such a list, reach out to Maribeth. She’d love to brainstorm ideas on how to reach the right audience for you!


Please Note: Because an ailment-focused list reflects personal health information, we request that your content be HIPPA compliant.