While database marketing is nothing new, today’s elite marketers are more involved with it, and apt with using it, than ever before. And many would agree that thorough data analysis drives modern marketing methods.

The sheer amount of data created by consumers is rapidly growing every single day. Additionally, the insight opportunities available through data collection have also blossomed, enabling companies to paint a very precise picture of the individual personalities that they wish to target.

Sabal Group understands the importance and need for data-based decision making. We provide clean, accurate data that can provide insights of the lifestyles and behaviors of a specific group. Moreover, we deliver digital IDs for potential customers, cultivating a precise list of people who are both qualified and more likely to be interested in your services and want to know more.

It’s not just harvesting raw data that is important. It’s having the ability to turn that data into strategic information that generates smart decisions, saving your organization time, money, and momentum.

The Sabal Group difference is that we offer an array of methods to efficiently hone in on your ideal customer, enabling us to methodically connect you to the right leads while offering financial stewardship to your brand.

New Leads From Accurate Data

In order to generate new leads, companies need to know who their best customers are, who’s likely to churn, and what campaigns and channels they are responding to the best.

Sabal Group delivers information that allows you to deep dive into customer behaviors and uncover precise patterns that deliver optimal lead generation results.

Initially, this requires accurate and timely strategic marketing data. Our team creates custom lists utilizing stringent criteria to guarantee rigid results. Additionally, we leverage numerous data sources to ensure a detailed scrubbing of the data, resulting in a target list reflective of a qualified audience. This ensures that we are putting the right communication in front of the right person.

Multi-Faceted Marketing

After identifying your ideal customer and knowing what message to send them, Sabal Group uses an omni-channel marketing method to successfully connect with and engage new leads. The key to success here lies in connecting with them multiple times through an array of avenues, including traditional direct mail and digital marketing across all of their digital devices.

This method not only keeps your brand top of mind when a customer is ready to make a decision, but also increases the feel of familiarity with your company and cultivates a healthy rapport with your prospective client. They are receiving communication that accurately speaks to their specific pain points on channels that they enjoy using.

Detailed Digital ID Deliverance

Now that you have a robust list of quality clients and know the proper communication methods to effectively cater to their needs and wants, Sabal Group takes our services one step further by delivering a digital ID of each prospect. This not only includes their digital device usage, but also includes the touch points along their customer journey where they’ve opted in for lists, emails, and newsletters.

A digital ID allows you to narrow down your list of leads even further by identifying the individuals who are intrigued by your services or products and want to discover more about your brand. This enables Sabal Group to deliver a targeted list built on customers that truly engage with your messaging.

Sabal Group’s multi-faceted approach to creating the ultimate list of prospective leads enables your company to target much more effectively, equipping your brand with a laser beam instead of a shotgun. This significantly shortens your sales cycle, boosts cost efficiency, and connects you to customers who will make the choice to buy.