With new technology and communication options available today, it may feel like email is no longer relevant for marketing. Yet, email usage continues to increase with predictions for even greater growth. Not only that, but email works to convert new prospects and retain existing clients.

The key is building an effective email campaign designed to reach the most relevant audience with a message tailored to meet that audience’s specific needs. To do that, you need a data partner like Sabal Group to build carefully crafted lists based on data analytics as a foundation for smart email marketing campaigns.

Does Email Marketing Work?

In short, yes! Forecasts show that by 2024 over half the world’s population will use email with a growing number of marketing emails sent each day despite the prevalence of other marketing channels. In fact, email is the third most popular marketing channel, only outranked by social media and blogs.

The greatest benefit of email marketing is the return on investment (ROI). With a return of $42 for every marketing dollar spent, email produces results without breaking your budget. Plus, email tops other channels for customer acquisition and retention.

During times of economic hardship and uncertainty, email offers reliability, affordability and a solid ROI. In the face of COVID-19, senior living communities have faced challenges to retain residents and to acquire new residents. Email provides an instant connection as seniors and their families make difficult decisions about health and safety. Email lets you send targeted messages to the right segments within your current residents to share up-to-date information and policy changes. This builds trust and loyalty, which results in better retention.

Keys to Successful Email Campaigns

Email only works if you produce the right content designed for the right audience. To reach that audience, you need accurate lists. And as legislation changes the rules, you need lists that follow the legal guidelines for email dissemination. Sabal Group provides quality lists to meet your email needs.

When it comes to email or even print lists, you can’t simply send a mass message to everyone and expect positive results. Instead, you need to work with segmented lists that match the right audience to the specific goals of the campaign. For example, if you’ve cancelled an event because of COVID-19, you would use the original list of attendees to invite them to a rescheduled event. Your expectation would be that most people would accept the new invitation. For a campaign targeting independent living prospects, you’ll want to use a list that most closely matches the types of people who chose your independent living community. Reaching out to the targeted audience of similar prospects with a specific call-to-action ensures better results.

Many marketers look to the cost-effectiveness of an email campaign before re-using that content in other channels.such as print advertising or direct mail. The low cost makes email a great option to test the content and audience reaction before investing in higher-cost marketing channels.

Maximize Your Email Campaign

Whether you’re new to email marketing or have done it for years, there are four things you shouldn’t overlook:
  1. Send Welcome Email: Recipients, on average, open a welcome email 82% of the time. So don’t waste an opportunity to send a strong message with a specific call to action.
  2. Personalize the Email: Emails with a personalized subject line result in a 50% higher open rate. Good lists allow you to personalize the email, including a personalized subject line and greeting.
  3. Include Video Content: Video is one of the most popular forms of internet content, and it works in email too. Email with videos increase the click-through-rate by 300%.
  4. Optimize for Mobile: Almost half of all email recipients open email using a mobile device. Optimize your email for mobile viewing to stay relevant with your target audience.

Smart, Effective Lists

While email marketing remains relevant and highly effective, email tactics have matured. Smart marketers know a strategic approach to email campaigns produces the best results.

Sabal Group works with senior living marketers to produce customized lists to reach your target audience with the right messages to drive action. Email Sabal Group today. We’d love to discuss how we can help you reach your email marketing goals.