One-to-one marketing strategies outperform IP-level marketing with better customer loyalty, increased return on investment (ROI) and individualized messages. Data-driven, one-to-one marketing empowers senior living communities to develop and deliver coordinated messaging with a unified and consistent call to action. This innovative approach expands on the methods started with IP-level marketing to take your business to the next level.

Did you know that the average sales cycle for independent living conversions is four months, while each lead averages a cost of over $400? Senior living communities need a better way to reach prospects to reduce the sales cycle time frame and the cost per lead. Invest in a data-driven, one-to-one marketing strategy to reach prospects where they are with a quicker and better response process.

What is One-to-One Marketing?

One-to-one marketing, also known as individual or personalized marketing, uses data analytics and marketing technology to produce messaging designed to meet individual preferences and decision-making behaviors. Unlike IP targeting, where the strategy reaches everyone on the network, a one-to-one approach combines multiple data sources and digital tools to pinpoint prospects.

The goal with one-to-one marketing is to create personal connections designed to produce a positive response and build loyalty. We do this by eliminating the need for market segmentation where an identified segment receives a tailored message broad enough to appeal to the entire segment. Instead, the segment becomes one individual with a message uniquely tailored to reach that specific person, not merely a group.

Pinpoint Prospects

With one-to-one marketing, your senior living community is able to pinpoint prospects on the marketing platforms they use. Not only that, but we know whether the prospect is the future resident or a family member. This shapes not only the message but the channel used to connect to the prospect.

Marketing to individuals is more beneficial for the prospect and your business than simply marketing to general audiences. A pinpoint method to marketing breaks through the digital noise with a message designed to meet the prospect’s needs. The prospect is already looking for a senior living community, and with one-on-one marketing, you provide a solution to their search.

Link All Digital Marketing Together

The most important aspect of one-to-one marketing is the ability to link all marketing efforts together. We’re not just pushing the same message through multiple channels, we’re linking the channels together to make each channel more impactful than it could be on its own.

For instance, if someone opens an email, signifying interest in the product, they’ll receive more display and Facebook ads. Then if they click on a Facebook ad, they’ll receive more display ads. In addition, if someone clicks on a display ad, they’ll get more Facebook ads or hear another programmatic radio ad. In another example, if someone clicks on an email, they can see a connected TV ad. Also, if someone receives a piece of direct mail and visits the landing page, they’ll receive more digital ads.

The cycle connects through omnichannel marketing to respond to the prospect based on their unique actions. Each touch point connects to the overarching one-to-one marketing strategy. The strategy uses a variety of channels, including social media, direct mail, display ads, email, connected TV, and apps. This interconnection makes your marketing message more powerful than it’s ever been before.

The Future of Marketing: One-to-One

With a one-to-one marketing strategy, senior living communities have a better way to build trust and loyalty with your target market. You don’t waste time and money pushing the same message through multiple channels with the hope that something sticks. Instead, you reach individuals with the most appropriate marketing message and channel based on detailed data.

Walk your future clients through the sales cycle with guidance from Sabal Group. We offer data-driven marketing solutions, like one-to-one marketing, to empower you to make smart marketing decisions for your business.