Omnichannel marketing produces consistent messaging to walk prospects through the consumer journey. Senior living communities benefit from this strategic and coherent approach to messaging across channels. Omnichannel marketing also builds trust and understanding to inform better decision making while protecting the brand image.

At Sabal Group, we empower the senior living sector to communicate with clients, prospects, and other decision-makers using data-driven, omnichannel marketing solutions. Our strategic method provides a roadmap for how best to reach and teach clients and prospects based on their behaviors and unique consumer journey.

Omnichannel Marketing Versus Multichannel Marketing

Omnichannel and multichannel marketing concepts are often confused or seen as the same strategy. However, omnichannel and multichannel marketing differ in both their methods and results.

Multichannel Marketing Key Points

  • Uses different channels to deliver messages
  • Channel-based focus
  • Each channel operates in a vacuum with unique strategies and goals
  • Does not personalize content or prioritize audience clarity or trust

Omnichannel Marketing Key Points

  • Consistent and personalized messaging across all channels and devices
  • Audience-based with a relationship focus
  • Easy and seamless audience experience regardless of channel
  • Ability to personalize the content using data based on browsing behavior and previous interactions and responses

The ultimate benefit of omnichannel marketing is to unite online marketing strategies with traditional marketing strategies to produce more effective results. For example, an omnichannel strategy ties email marketing and direct mail marketing with a unified message and call to action. In contrast, multichannel marketing keeps those channels disconnected in silos without consideration for whether the audience is the same across channels.

Omnichannel Marketing is Better

Over two-thirds of adults in the U.S. say trust impacts their decision process when making a big purchase. Selecting a senior living community qualifies as a big purchasing decision. We also know that it takes around two years for consumers to move through the decision-making process for senior care. Now that senior living communities face uncertainty due to current events, building trust matters more than ever. Clear and consistent messaging and calls to action are key to establish consumer trust. Omnichannel marketing creates a path for consumers to follow as they navigate the consumer journey.

For example, data shows that calls work effectively to convert leads. In fact, 70% of prospects call at some point before making a purchasing decision. In addition, 60% of tours come from an inbound call and calls convert faster than web leads. However, most senior living consumers start their search online and not by phone. We can infer from this data that consistent messaging across channels that directs prospects to call and then schedule a tour results in higher conversion rates. As we now must move in-person interactions to virtual connections, consistent and clear messaging must occur to build trust and confidence. Otherwise, disconnected messaging will add confusion to an already confusing time.

When held side-by-side, it’s clear that omnichannel marketing produces better results for senior living communities based on what we know about the senior living consumer journey and decision-making process. Multichannel marketing worked as a transitional phase to reach an omnichannel method. Now, technology and data exist to reach the target market where they are in the way they need; the senior living sector will achieve better results by transitioning to an omnichannel approach.

Implement an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Understanding and implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy requires clear data analysis. The goal is to better understand the consumer and where they gather information to reach them with the right messaging. Focus on the audience experience with responsive marketing, personalized based on audience segmentation. At Sabal Group, we offer the data and tools you need to build an effective omnichannel marketing system. Our goal is to make complex marketing easy for senior living communities.

We invite you to email Maribeth to discuss how to incorporate omnichannel marketing into your strategy.