How do you approach your marketing strategy? Are you a big picture thinker or do you love getting down in the weeds? Or are you somewhere in between? Marketing agencies can fall into the same three buckets. For Sabal Group, we love getting down in the weeds. We live and breathe the tiny details, crunching the numbers, and diving into performance reports. It’s what we do, and it’s what makes us a niche agency.

Specialists, like me, bring a unique set of skills to the table when you’re mapping out your marketing strategy.  And because of those unique skills, we’re equally adept at working directly with your internal marketing team or adding our expertise to that of your out-of-house agency team. Either way, there are five reasons why you need Sabal Group at the marketing table. Think of us as your secret weapon when you want the most qualified and targeted audience for your direct mail and email campaigns.

1. Expertise matters.

As a data specialist, Sabal Group brings a unique set of skills to each project. Our singular focus on our niche of the marketing world means we know the ins and outs of compiling the most accurate lists for our clients. Whether you need 5,000 names of local residents or your agency wants the mailing address for every senior living organization in the US, our team can deliver.

2. A smaller team is a more agile team.

You might not know this, but as a niche agency with a small team, we can respond more quickly. We’re constantly working with the databases that provide the information we need to create the most accurate lists. That means we can deliver scrubbed lists within a small window of time.

3. We know your audience.

Our proprietary data modeling approach means we can deliver more than a simple mailing or email address. We dive deep into the demographics, which means you can deploy an omnichannel marketing strategy to reach your audience on the channel they prefer. We’ll provide a detailed report outlining their preferences and personal profiles so you can craft the most effective messaging.

4. We’re paying attention to our industry.

Because we’re focused on our narrow field of specialization, we can spot significant industry patterns and trends more quickly. We’re constantly checking on the legal, social, and cultural shifts that may impact the actual mailing process. When the major players (Google, USPS, Facebook etc.) change the rules, we’re ready to adapt to abide by them and still deliver results.

5. Nuances can make a difference.

One size doesn’t fit everyone, in spite of what clothing manufacturers believe. As a small business owner, I know the value of every dollar you’re spending on your campaign. So we do our very best to make sure your investment is a positive one. That’s why we care so deeply about the nuances in putting together the cleanest list of data possible. But our expertise doesn’t end there. We pay attention to all the details of your campaign, from postage to subject lines. And we’re looking hard at all the numbers as we begin to see results. We collect that data not just to create a report, but to test and improve so the next campaign is even more successful.

Sabal Group takes pride in being a niche agency focused on what we do best: data! We know the pain points you face on a daily basis because we’ve been in this industry for more than two decades. Our team understands how to stretch a dollar and how to make every penny count. We’ve chosen partners to ensure your team gets the best service possible.

If you’re ready to work with a data expert, Maribeth would love to chat with you. Reach out via email or give her a call at 704.214.1737. A niche agency could be the answer you’re looking for!