Are you looking for the secret to convincing Baby Boomers to join your senior living community? The hotly anticipated “silver tsunami” of Boomers hasn’t quite begun even as the oldest of them reach their late 70s. But in order to sell them on senior living, your marketing strategy needs to adapt to their paradigm, not that of their parents. A customized MicroModeling® Report from Sabal Group can make the difference in your results. Why? Because when you really know your audience, you don’t need to “sell” them.

From Analog to Digital

Boomers have lived in two different centuries and two different millennia. As youngsters they listened to transistor radios and now watch Ultra HD smart TVs. Unlike Gen Z, who is totally digital, Boomers consume content on traditional and digital channels. So if you’re counting your marketing pennies (and who isn’t), you need to be smart about which channels you use. You may believe your audience prefers print, but how do you know? Do you assume your high-value prospects use smartphones, and can you demonstrate you’re right? It’s all possible if you have one of our customized reports.

We believe in working smarter, not harder. A customized MicroModeling Report is the key to helping you understand your optimal audience. With this knowledge, you’ll find it easier to leverage your marketing efforts in order to see a higher rate of return. And it all begins with your current residents and your CRM.

13 Steps to 12 Keys

It’s easy to say we crunch more than 1,000 data points, but it takes 13 steps to complete our process. In broad strokes, we use three separate databases to clean, format and standardize the data before we do anything else. Then we dig deep into a market review to understand your location and the local market. The next step is to define the market footprint down to the neighborhood level. While that’s happening, we’re also combing the National Consumer File Database to build a target profile. All of this analysis gives us the ability to create a core sample to determine average and median values and random samples of non-target data, which allows us to develop indexes. But we don’t stop there. In fact, our data scientists are just getting started.

Households not ZIP Codes

Our data analysts return to the National Consumer File to review all the variables in order to build a more complete profile of your target audience. We’ll detail the most important variables in your final written report. These variables can give you the edge in developing your messaging so you’re delivering the solutions your audience is seeking. We’ll also compare your target audience to the general population in the random sample for each variable. The refined data from these eight steps are used to determine a refined marketing footprint. This leads us to the secret sauce: MicroModeling Scoring.

Our proprietary scoring process determines the optimal formula based on the sample of your marketing footprint. We use this equation to score all entries to reflect how each household resembles your target audience. While we’re scoring on the individual level, we’re also looking at your marketing universe to determine the point at which 90% of the defined target is captured. Because we know just having the right addresses isn’t enough, our analysts aren’t ready to create the report just yet.

Birds, Books or Boats

We know selling is all about providing a specific and personal solution that someone is searching for. If you’re selling sneakers, your marketing strategy is all about arches, knees and images of a healthy and vital lifestyle. Senior living has been focused on their life care capabilities, amenities and floor plans, which has worked well for current residents. Boomers require a different approach.

Boomers are the Peter Pan Generation. They’re convinced they’re not growing older, just maturing like fine wine. And they’re committed to staying in their homes forever. That’s one reason why our scientists return to the National Consumer File to assess its 470 lifestyle and behavioral variables in terms of the level of interest in each for the target group versus the general population. Your report will spell out the top 25 positive and the 25 negative interests of your target group. This gives you priceless insight into who your audience is and their interests.

A Laser Focus

The final step returns to the initial scoring our team did and recalibrates each household. We then group the audience incrementally into 10 groupings or deciles. The top three deciles will be those households most likely to convert when presented with right messaging based on their needs. You’ll find your ideal marketing footprint is likely smaller than your current footprint. That’s because our holistic analysis eliminates those who are not a match for your target audience.

Successful marketing is an art and a science. Too many times, marketing strategies are more guesswork than an artful, scientific approach. If you’re tired of spending your marketing budget and getting “less than” results, isn’t it time you consider a customized MicroModeling Report? Reach out to Maribeth today.