Do you remember this classic PSA? The updated version should be: It’s 10am on a Monday. Do you know where your audience is? While the glib answer might be that they’re online, I think every marketing team needs to answer the question more specifically. All too often, we think we know where our audience is and the best way to reach them. “Common knowledge” says Baby Boomers want direct mail. Gen Xers prefer email and the occasional text. Gen Z loves video and Millennials can be found on Instagram and YouTube. But is any of that true? More importantly, is it true for YOUR specific audience? Beyond extensive and expensive testing, there’s a smarter solution to finding the best ways to reach your audience. A customized Sabal Group MicroModel® report can help you find your audience and generate more conversions.

What is a MicroModel® Report?

A MicroModel® Report is a unique database marketing tool designed to deliver insights and solutions regarding your audience’s behavior and preferences. Sourced and analyzed by a team with more than 20 years of marketing experience, a MicroModel® Report offers predictive insight on how to reach the best responders for your marketing campaigns. The final report defines your optimal audience of consumers who are most likely to convert.

The data in your customized report is drawn from a wide variety of trusted sources. The process begins with information you provide us about your best customers and highest scored prospects from your CRM. Our data scientists use that data to research and analyze more than 1,000 data points, including:

    • All available demographic data
    • 470+ Lifestyle and behavioral data points
    • Geospatial information of a target area

This research and analysis culminates in a customized 50+ page report that creates an in-depth customer profile of YOUR target audience. This is not simply theoretical analysis. The final report identifies the key target households with the highest probability of conversion. All households contained within the report are assigned to one of ten deciles reflecting the degree to which they match your current best customers.

How We Create a MicroModel Report

Your customized Micromodel Report provides detailed analysis that is the result of a 13-step process designed to deliver the cleanest and most accurate data. We use three separate databases to process each address in order to standardize them and reduce duplicate information.

The markets to be studied are defined, grouped and coded to ensure we capture all of the target’s information. We also geocode all addresses to determine the latitude and longitude coordinates for each address. Next, we define the marketing footprint based on calculations involving distance, traffic patterns and market penetration by your competition.

After the footprint is determined, we use the National Consumer File database, which has more than 1,000 discrete data points. We use these data points to index the most positive and negative tendencies of your target audience. This creates an in-depth customer profile so you can score your marketing lists and locate prospect records that mirror your top customers.

Our detailed process results in a report that is built in layers, giving you multiple views of the target audience.

The Advantages of a MicroModel Report

Instead of using a shotgun approach to target every household within a neighborhood or even a Zip Code, you can precisely target your audience based on your MicroModel Report. This means you can eliminate costly mailings to consumers who are unlikely responders, saving you time, money and increasing your results. In the long run, your marketing campaigns can be more cost effective, result in a higher response rate with a lower customer acquisition cost and see increased sales and ROI.

Your marketing team can make more strategic, data-driven decisions. With fewer unqualified leads, they can focus on using their time and expertise to create more touches for your responsive leads.

A Sabal Group MicroModel Report also gives you the ability to analyze your campaign responses beyond simply counting opens and clicks. Our analysis can identify who responds to which initiative and on which platform. In this way, you can further personalize your campaigns with more relevant offers. Your audience will pay more attention to your messaging, with maximized results.

If you’re ready to move beyond a generic marketing strategy, reach out to Maribeth today. Learn how Sabal Group can help you find your optimal audience and your best leads.