From what I’ve observed these past six weeks, teens seem to have the right idea. Wait. What? Teens? Perhaps it’s more accurate to say the younger generation can show us the best ways to connect in a digital world. Through video. And if your senior living community intends to thrive in 2020, you need to follow their example.

Digital Natives

Gen Z can rightfully be called digital natives. Born between 1995 and 2010, this cohort has been exposed to the digital world from their earliest days. They live their lives tied to a smartphone, nimbly navigating between apps to connect with brands, friends, and family.

Highly visual, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube are the social media platforms of choice for Gen Z. Older generations might watch a concert or performance once in a while as they shelter in place, but Gen Z is spending almost 3.5 hours watching videos on YouTube as part of their normal routine. It’s their most-visited website. Why? According to Think with Google, 7 in 10 say watching videos helps them feel more connected with others, and 80% say they learn something or acquire new skills.

Live from…Home

Hollywood is no stranger to the power of video. It’s a celluloid connector between people. While everyone is sheltering in place, Hollywood continues to connect us. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon can no longer broadcast from Rockefeller Center, but that hasn’t stopped Fallon. Instead, he’s using his home as a location for his At Home Edition. His wife and two daughters are his audience, camera operator, and production team. As a result, the show is no longer a polished comedic studio talk show. It has found a sweet spot as it veers from monologue and familiar bits (thank you notes are still present) to spontaneous and human moments when his wife misses a music cue or a daughter asks him for gummy worms. The result, according to, is a show that’s a “go-to source of coronavirus comfort content.”

Some Good News

It comes as no surprise that people want to laugh or find great content to relieve the sameness of life at home. John Krasinski’s Some Good News YouTube show uses that recipe in his new series. Each week, the episode focuses on sharing only good news, ranging from comedic insider bits with Hollywood friends to guest appearances by major stars.

In the second episode, which has gone viral, Krasinski and wife, Emily Blunt, chat with Aubrey, a disappointed 9-year-old whose trip to see Hamilton on Broadway was canceled due to the pandemic. Her backup plan? Rewatch Mary Poppins Returns to see Lin-Manuel Miranda. Krasinski surprises her with news he’ll give her a trip to Broadway to see the musical when it reopens. But here’s what made this one go viral.

Through the magic of the conference call, the show’s original cast do the opening number for her. It’s an electric moment. Diggs, Odom, Miranda, and the rest of the cast sing their hearts out. For a little more than four minutes, we’re all part of the shared experience of live theater via Zoom. And that’s why it went viral. It was honest. It was genuine. It was authentic.

Embrace Good Enough

Our need for connection is amplified during social distancing. Your marketing calendar has been upended and is in flux as you try to anticipate what’s next. That’s why you need to think outside your go-to strategies to connect with your audience. It’s time to tackle video.

It’s probably going to have an uphill learning curve. Accept it. Strive for good enough and let perfection go. Your audience is willing to connect with you through video. But don’t leave them on their own to find you. Just as Some Good News and The Tonight Show rely on others to promote their work, your content needs similar omnichannel support.

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