Marketing in the senior living industry creates unique challenges in the best of times. We deal with the transitions and lifestyle changes of people facing new limitations due aging, loss of a loved one, health issues or other major personal events. The goal is to build a brand image and messaging that balances the need to fill vacancies with empathy.

Now that we are in the early days of COVID-19, which has hit senior living communities especially hard, that delicate balance becomes even more difficult. Plus, senior living communities face financial concerns due to the current challenges of adding new residents.

COVID-19 Impacts Move-Ins

The pandemic and ensuing restrictions either from governments or senior living organizations mean fewer residents are moving in while move-outs increase. A recent survey of senior living executives noted the main reason for the deceleration of move-ins is a lack of leads which has resulted in lower conversions and sales.

Unfortunately, assisted living and memory care facilities have experienced an acceleration in move-outs. With move-outs on the rise and move-ins decelerating, senior living communities face an epic sales and marketing challenge. Tight budgets, overworked personnel, and limited resources are reducing the options for marketing solutions.

The NIC executive survey noted mortality rates rank as the major reason for the increased move-out numbers, but family member concerns rank as the second reason. Sales-focused marketing that ignores current events has the potential to create ill-will and distrust with tone-deaf messages. However, now is the right time to build a marketing campaign with a message to reassure families and reduce move-outs.

Senior Living Care Solutions

Senior living communities care about their clients and their desire for the highest quality care. This has not changed in the face of the pandemic. Your target market needs to know this. Live events and site tours were the most successful tools to convert leads before this crisis. Now that these options aren’t viable, it’s time to find more effective communication strategies.

Calls remain an important way to reach out to individuals. In addition, online resources like websites, email marketing, social media, and video offer a way to deliver strategic and personalized messaging. Now is not the time for disconnected multichannel marketing. Instead, focus on a connected and consistent omnichannel approach. Determine the most effective message and deliver it in a personalized manner across all of your platforms to reach the right audience.

People still need senior living care. Whether a client must move from one level of care to a more advanced level or enter senior living care for the first time, families and individuals are searching for a reliable and trustworthy option. Position your community to meet that need with reassuring and confident communication.

Choose the Right Partner

We know accurate data regarding the impact of COVID-19, including cases, recovery, and mortality rates, have been hard to come by. Sabal Group understands the importance of accurate data and the role it plays in making make smart decisions. That’s why we’re committed to providing transparent data to help you craft creative and focused marketing strategies.

Right now, it’s vital to reach qualified prospects with accurate information. Sensitive marketing directed to specific groups and individuals protects the reputation of the senior community while achieving your business goals.

In a time where accurate, decision-informing data matters more than ever, let us help you by providing the strategic marketing guidance you need to strengthen your brand and convert leads into residents.

If you’d like to find out more about how clean, accurate data and integrated marketing strategies can support your senior living community, contact Sabal Group today.