As a specialized industry, senior living demands nuanced marketing approaches. Rule changes in targeting your audience for social media and digital ads means it’s more and more difficult to meet the necessary customized approach needed for success. That’s one of the reasons we believe mass marketing solutions fail to drive qualified leads. And it’s why sales and marketing teams using these types of general approaches end up frustrated and unsuccessful because they’re spending too much time weeding through unqualified leads.

Sabal Group favors a smarter approach based on customized campaigns built using high-quality data. Why? Because by working smarter, not harder, you can maximize your budget and productivity to achieve your desired outcomes regardless of the specific platforms you’re using.

Challenge #1 – Facebook and Google Rule Changes

With the recent cost increases and rule changes for Google and Facebook ads, these platforms require a new approach if you’re using them for affordable or effective senior living marketing. Specifically, Google now restricts advertisers, including senior living, considered part of the housing industry from targeting audiences based on their zip code or age.

Solution – Targeted Email Marketing

You have two choices, one is to focus on keyword targeting in your digital ads or to shift your marketing dollars and energy to a different tactic. While email is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, it continues to produce results. Email has an average conversion rate of 4.29%, with an average of 21% of revenue tied to email campaigns.

With results like that, you can afford to focus on email. You can build a strong campaign with email at the center by creating segmented lists with content unique to each target audience. By tying your email communication to your overall omnichannel marketing messaging, your sales team will see better, more qualified leads as a result.

Challenge #2 – Social Media and Digital Ads Drive Unqualified Leads

We all recognize that unqualified leads are a waste of your sales team’s time and your budget. Reaching a broad audience doesn’t mean you’re reaching the right audience! And reaching a wider audience doesn’t equal more positive outcomes. Sabal Group has always believed that marketing to mass audiences is a waste of your resources.

Solution – Customized Marketing Campaigns

We believe investing in data-driven marketing solutions targeted to your ideal customer drives the right results. By using tools like web visitor tracing and keyword listening to find and connect with prospects who are most likely to convert, your team will see higher conversion rates. By combining proven marketing communications, including email, direct mail and an optimized website, you empower your sales team, maximize their productivity, and achieve the results you’re seeking.

Challenge #3 – Uncertain How to Reach the Right Audience

Do you know who your audience is and what they want? Are you working from a foundation of knowledge or your best guesses? Do you know where they look for information? Do you know how they search for senior living answers? If the answer is maybe, you’re working from a data deficit that means more unqualified leads to waste your sales team’s time.

Solution – Data-Driven Omnichannel Marketing

The past year has shone a light on how the world has changed. Everyone, from teens and tweens to Gen X and Baby Boomers have embraced an array of digital platforms. It’s no longer enough to rely on only one or two platforms. You need to meet each segment of your target audience on the platforms of their choice.

Omnichannel marketing based on relevant and accurate data builds strong and powerful marketing campaigns. By directing your budget to the channels that generate the right leads, you’ll see a solid ROI. With the right data, you have the power to advance your message on the platforms that produce results.

Your Data Partner for Smart Solutions

Are you ready to diminish the noise and frustration of unqualified leads and unproductive marketing tactics? You need a partner who understands the unique needs of the senior living industry. Sabal Group’s experience in the industry and proprietary data-building list process means we’re the right choice for your next campaign. Reach out to Maribeth to learn how we can help you reach your best audience.