Google’s new rules for the “housing” industry include restrictions for targeting your audience by zip code, age, gender and marital or parental status. As a result, senior living marketing professionals face a greater challenge when trying to identify and isolate their target audience for PPC campaigns. The experts at Sabal Group use a variety of targeting methods that comply with Google’s new regulations, including focused keyword targeting, remarketing and list targeting. With these targeting strategies, your ads will be focused and effective, maximizing the results for your paid search ads.

Focused Keyword Targeting

One of the most effective ways of targeting is to focus on long-tail keyword searches instead of more general, short-tail keywords. A user searching for “senior living” might be starting their research phase, while a user searching for “independent senior living communities that allow small dogs” has a much higher level of intent. They know what they’re looking for. If that search applies to your community, it’s in your best interest to serve an ad with that kind of specific language. You can then send the user to a landing page that emphasizes independent living and the pet-friendliness of your community. While long-tail keywords tend to have lower volume than short-tail keywords, they tend to have better click-through rates and conversion rates because of how specific they are. A solid keyword strategy will include both, and a responsible senior living marketing partner will always be looking for ways to improve performance. Sabal has the knowledge and expertise to provide and execute on a comprehensive keyword strategy to get you the best results for your PPC campaigns.


Users who have conducted enough research to be familiar with your brand name and visit your site are likely considering you as an option for their choice of senior living community. Continuing to engage with them, whether through display or paid search ads, will keep you top of mind as they narrow their options and make a decision. Sabal understands that remarketing is an essential part of an omnichannel marketing strategy to continue to engage with users who have shown interest, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversion by 24%.

List Targeting

Advertisers can continue to use list targeting as long as the lists comply with the new rules. Sabal Group specializes in list building from reliable sources and scrubbing data so you have a clean, optimized list of targeted users to whom you can advertise across multiple channels.

These different methods of targeting allow Sabal Group to overcome the challenges presented by the new rules and regulations from Google so that senior living marketing departments can continue to advertise effectively while complying with guidelines. We view such obstacles as opportunities to deliver solutions that work for our partners and help them achieve their goals. If you’d like to know more about how Sabal Group can deliver solutions tailored to your goals, email Maribeth today.