Happy 2024! The new year is only two days old, but so far it’s looking good! I hope that’s true for you as well. There are 363 days ahead of us that can impact your marketing funnel. Are you going to be facing another year of less than optimal results? Wouldn’t you prefer to optimize your budget to drive a full funnel? It’s time to make a New Year’s resolution that your 2024 marketing strategy will speak to a custom audience that looks like your most valued residents. Here’s how to make that happen.

Too many senior living marketing campaigns follow the more is more approach to acquiring leads. Their mailing lists, whether digital or postal, cover wide swathes of neighborhoods or entire Zip codes. But stop and think about this for a minute. Think about your own neighborhood. Is everyone in the same financial bracket? Are they all in the same age cohort? Do their living situations appear identical? Unless you’re living in Stepford, the answer is going to be no, they’re not all alike. So why do you send them all the same marketing pieces? 

With budgets tight and Baby Boomers upending senior living expectations, senior communities need to break away from the tried-and-true approaches that worked for the previous generation. Consumers as a whole, thanks to the digital revolution, are changing the entire sales experience. Colleges have been grappling with this since the pandemic. Today, only about 48% of seniors visit a college before applying. They did their searching and visiting online. Now Boomers are focusing more on aging in place with limited in-home support than seeking out life plan communities. In-person events now attract those who might be curious but are much more interested in the free lunch. Wouldn’t you rather focus your resources on viable leads instead of freeloaders?

Sabal Group believes the best way to increase viable leads in your sales funnel is to speak to a custom audience that looks like your ideal residents. Using an omnichannel strategy targeting a specific audience derived from a customized MicroModel Report, we can help you get your message in front of the right audience on the right channel. Just imagine the results. If you’d like to know more about our customized reports and data lists, make another resolution to call or email Maribeth. Your funnel is waiting!