January 17, 2024 is a big day for me and for Sabal Group. It’s our fifth birthday! And I think it’s something worth celebrating in big and small ways. Why? Because 20% of businesses fail in their first year, and 50% of small businesses have failed by their fifth year. So I’m stepping out of my keep-your-head-down-and-keep-on-working comfort zone to celebrate beyond just beating the odds. I’m celebrating the gifts of each of the past five years.

2019: The Year of Faith

It was the year Baby Yoda arrived and Cathédral Notre-Dame de Paris burned. A 16-year-old lectured world leadership about climate change at the United Nations, and I took a leap of faith to lead a new data company called Sabal Group. During 2019, I relearned lessons in the importance of trust, integrity and relationship building. More importantly, I learned how integral they are to building a successful business. 

2020: The Year of the Pivot

Our second year began well. And then March happened. Like everyone, we weren’t too concerned as we all went into “lockdown.” Working from home, for Sabal Group, was relatively easy because we had a digital strategy in place. COVID taught us many lessons but the most important was the ability to pivot

2021: The Year of Resilience

Nine months later, the new year began with COVID continuing to dominate our personal and professional lives. We adapted to the “new normal.” And, as vaccines began to (slowly) roll out, we gradually resumed “old” habits only to discover the world had changed in fundamental ways. In its third year, Sabal Group leaned into embracing the powerful combination of resilience and the ability to change.

2022: The Year of Family

In the year that saw the death of a queen and the emergence of AI as a central component of nearly everything (except this blog), I gave myself permission to take a European trip with my family. This year, as we watched the royal family’s drama play out on the global stage, I came to more fully appreciate how much my family has supported me and this company. Like everyone, I faced challenges in 2022. But it has been my professional and OG families who helped me and Sabal Group meet and surmount those challenges.

2023: The Year of Girl Power

Barbie. Beyoncé. Taylor. Last year was all about girl power. And like those three amazing ladies, I feel like I’ve hit my stride and grown into my own power. It’s a strange thing to acknowledge the power each of us wields. Mean girls understand this at an early age. Nice girls slowly grow into it. Maybe it’s because with age comes wisdom. Now, I’m not calling myself old or a crone just yet. But last year has taught me to acknowledge my strength. No one knows my niche of the senior living industry like I do. That’s a difficult sentence to write, but five years in, I believe I’ve earned the right to say it.

2024: The Year of Possibilities

Five years! It feels like they’ve flown by in a blink of the eye. During those 60 months, I’ve been trusted to deliver the right data to old and new clients. Looking ahead, I’m excited about new product offerings and continuing to deliver the cleanest data for each and every client request. But as we celebrate and plan and grow, I’m also celebrating each one of you. Your faith in Sabal Group and choice to partner with us are one of the major reasons there’s cake and bubbly on the menu today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 💛