Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the senior living industry has experienced a drop in revenues and increased expenses. However, tight budgets don’t eliminate the need for effective marketing. In fact, companies in the senior living industry need smart marketing strategies now more than ever.

With this in mind, Sabal Group believes it’s smarter to create a single campaign and use it across multiple platforms and in multiple ways for a consistent and cost-efficient approach to marketing. By developing effective content that translates across multiple channels to achieve more touch points you increase the benefits of marketing without the added cost of separate campaigns. By using variations of the same message, your audience will receive a consistent message which drives action and generates more quality leads.

One Campaign Across All Channels

We call this strategic approach to streamlined marketing, omnichannel marketing. A multichannel marketing approach creates silos for each of your marketing channels. More importantly, each channel requires its own distinct campaign and strategy.

With omnichannel marketing, a unified strategy connects one campaign across all channels to create a clear direction for the audience. When you tailor the campaign’s primary content to each channel’s audience, you maximize your marketing toolkit. In other words, even with a limited budget, you can maximize your efforts.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Squandering your marketing budget on wasted marketing messages is always a concern. But when you’re facing budget limitations, it’s time to look for ways to reuse your assets. The first step is to build a campaign designed to meet your specific business goals. Then, distribute robust messaging to each channel in a cohesive and strategic way by tailoring the campaign to the specific needs and audience on each platform or channel.

For example, a campaign designed to speak to adults about their concerns for their older parents during the pandemic is a smart move. Using the traditional approach,  you might create an email campaign with one message, a social media campaign highlighting senior living perks, and a third campaign with high-quality printed materials to use as talking points between family members. That’s three campaigns to manage, analyze the data, and requiring significant resources.

Omnichannel Marketing in Action

In an omnichannel approach, a single campaign is developed and deployed across all channels. Each element that was central to the traditional approach is woven together into a cohesive message. Whether used on social media, in email, or print materials, your audience hears the same message, reinforced by repetition each time they encounter it.

Data-based marketing crafted to drive specific actions produces more leads and converts at a higher rate. A well-executed, omnichannel marketing plan produces better ROI and results because you’re keeping the message of the campaign clear, consistent and directed to the right audience.

  • Landing Page: Start by creating a campaign landing page. This is where you direct your audience regardless of where they see the campaign. The landing page contains all the key details for the campaign. Think of the landing page as your messaging and call-to-action center.
  • Email Campaigns: Email use continues to increase across the globe. In fact, predictions indicate by 2024 over half the world’s population will use email. Also, email remains one of the most popular and cost-effective marketing tools. Partner with skilled marketing experts to create customized, data-based lists designed to connect your message to the right audience.
  • Direct Mail Campaigns: Don’t forget the direct mail component of your marketing campaign. Although your audience uses email and other online channels, direct mail provides a physical reminder of your brand and message. When integrated into your overall marketing strategy, direct mail strengthens your campaign.

Partner with an Omnichannel Marketing Expert

In these difficult times, no one has money to waste. You need to create the best data-driven marketing solutions to make the most of your budget. At Sabal Group, we know what it takes to build a smart marketing campaign to reach your ideal audience and produce results.

We specialize in senior living marketing data and strategies to help you regain your footing in these uncertain times. Contact us today to discuss how omnichannel marketing offers the solutions senior living communities need to retain and gain market share.