Myth: Never Buy Lists for a Marketing Campaign

We’ve read the articles and seen the messages warning against using purchased lists for marketing purposes, specifically email marketing. Back in the early days of internet marketing, spamming with purchased email lists was a common practice. This led to government restrictions for email marketing.

So it’s no surprise most articles about email marketing include warnings not to buy marketing lists, specifically address email marketing lists. Old school lists in the early days of digital marketing were not the most effective and didn’t add value to the recipient. However, today’s high-quality and customized lists are regularly used as a sophisticated and highly effective element in a holistic marketing strategy.

Cultivated lists based on strategic marketing data connects you with the right audience to achieve results. Whether you want to reach senior living clients, families or other professionals in the industry, the right lists combined with a targeted message creates effective marketing solutions.

Truth: Lists Are a Smart Solution 

At Sabal Group, we use a proprietary modeling system with algorithms and processes to identify the ideal prospective customer. Our model analyzes and compares ~500 demographic and behavioral attributes to identify those who match your best customers. For example, we look at age, income, zip code, lifestyle habits and much more to develop a list of similar people most in tune with those who are current residents or customers.

Our goal is to connect your business with the right qualified prospects. This cuts out the noise for your audience and limits wasted marketing dollars. Quality lists based on data analytics add measurable value to your campaign and can maximize your marketing budget.

Identify the Right Marketing Audience

Our method works to identify your target audience no matter who the audience is. We build lists of senior living prospects, their adult children, industry influencers and any other audience criteria you desire.

While lists based on data analytics are an effective way to reach consumers, these lists can also be an effective tool for business-to-business marketing. In our current challenging economic times, a high-quality list can give your marketing team a crucial competitive advantage.

More Than Email Blasts

Email marketing continues to produce solid returns on investment (ROI). In fact, for every marketing dollar spent, email produces $42 in ROI. Email works and continues to grow in use and effectiveness at a time when other marketing channels, like social media, are gaining in popularity.

Yet, lists work for more than email campaigns. While email is one piece of a marketing strategy, an omnichannel approach produces better outcomes. Sabal Group offers marketing solutions based on data analytics to provide the best audience for your business. We not only deliver postal and email addresses, we provide digital device-level IDs, social media accounts, and connected television identities so you can publish your message on the platforms of choice for your audience.

Sabal Offers the Data You Need

We’ve found that when you have the information to connect with your target audience across channels, you see measurably better results. This is omnichannel marketing in action. Let us help you grow your revenues by reaching the right audience with the right marketing campaign. Contact us today to learn more about how Sabal Group can help you make effective, data-based decisions.