In less than a decade, the senior segment will account for 21% of the population. The percentage of the population as seniors continues to grow, as approximately 10,000 baby boomers are reaching retirement age every day. In order to attract, obtain and retain new residents seeking an option for their golden years, senior living communities must find innovative new ways to market to this demographic, as well as more traditional methods. By taking a 360-degree marketing approach using multiple channels to deliver the same personalized message, Sabal Group is able to accurately target seniors who are interested in the services offered by your senior living community.

Digital Marketing for Seniors

Baby Boomers are embracing digital technology. A 2019 study by AARP reveals 91% of adults over the age of 50 use a computer and 83% use a smartphone. The national study noted adults who are age 70+ are more likely using older versions, such as desktop computers instead of laptops and feature phones instead of smartphones. The key takeaway is that this demographic is connected. They’re staying connected to family, using apps and texting. They are even using digital technology to manage their health care.

It is imperative for senior living facilities to develop a strong online presence in order to target these tech-savvy seniors. One helpful tip for your online marketing campaign is to invest in platforms supported by your buyer persona research. A senior demographic is no different in that respect. For instance, 46% of seniors are active on at least one type of social media platform. However, of that number, only 6% use Twitter. It’s also worth noting older women embrace social networking sites more readily than men do.

Sabal Group can establish a digital footprint of senior’s social media accounts, their email addresses, online click activity, and browser preferences.

Print Marketing Matters

Even in a digital world, print marketing methods should not be overlooked. Seniors like direct mail, they love catalog shopping and they’re willing to read their mail. It’s one reason why a senior living community will have a tough time selling to seniors if they rely solely on digital marketing. Communities need to have a multi-channel marketing approach to target older adults both on and offline. Options include direct mail invitations and promotions, newsletters, and advertising in print publications catering to the senior demographic. Direct mail is still a very viable and necessary marketing tool for your prospective residents. They still read their snail mail and enjoy attending events at your community.

Focus on the Individual

One of the ways Sabal Group excels is to market to individuals, not demographics. One of the major reasons senior living organizations fall short of attracting prospective residents is because they are trapped by relying on stereotypical strategies. In fact, a 2014 survey found 60% of respondents believed seniors featured in ads were portrayed as stereotypes. In 2019, ads continue to rely on worn-out tropes with actors
doing something dull, such as staring off into the distance while sipping a glass of wine or depicting a senior struggling to live independently.

Instead of focusing on the extreme ends of the demographic senior spectrum, always focus on the individual. Sabal Group can help you discover what your target audience actually needs and wants out of a senior living community. Once you uncover this information, you can then highlight the purposeful services and activities your facility offers, such as numerous dining venues, residents pursuing their passion for arts or agriculture in your community’s painting or gardening program, or transportation to shopping plazas.

When marketing to seniors, it is critical to target them through the multiple channels of communication they use. More importantly, it’s critical to see them as real people. Sabal Group’s experts can help your community do just that in order to turn interested leads into happy residents. If you’d like to find out more about how Sabal Group can help your marketing campaigns, contact Maribeth today.