Naturally, it is the residents who are at the core of any successful senior living community. However, managing leads and potential residents, as well as developing relationships with those individuals and their family members is of equal importance.

To understand a potential customer’s needs in a rapidly evolving world, your sales team needs to utilize data-driven insights, enabling them to proactively drive prospects through the sales journey. Having a rich database of information about an individual gives your team critical information on when to approach and when to back off in the sales cycle. Today’s seniors have plenty of choices when it comes to their future living community, so understanding as much as possible about their decision-making process, their options, their current status, and their recent activity is invaluable in closing the deal.

Let’s take a deep dive into the power and influence of data analytics and how it can ensure sustainable business success.

Why is Data-Centricity Important?

When it comes to measuring success, a senior living community may analyze its current resident count or bottom-line results. Or, they could look at the smiles on resident and employee faces or retention figures. While these areas are important, they don’t show you how well you are attracting new residents or how you can improve the way you match up against your competitors.

This is why having clean, robust data is critical. Just as a data-driven perspective on performance helps highlight areas for improvement, data-driven insights are crucial to your ability to optimize sales.

The Benefits of Clean, Rich Data

A strong database drives leads, helps your sales team interact with potential residents, and makes it easier to communicate with them in a more effective manner.

Sabal Group not only provides our customers with rich, clean data, but we also expertly segment and categorize that information so it is practical and usable. This facilitates strategic campaigns to help you create personalized outreach that resonates with the most qualified individuals to target. Whether it’s seniors who live in a specific neighborhood or show an ongoing interest in a specific hobby or food choice, your community can custom-tailor your marketing efforts to appeal directly to their interests and personality types.

With more and more Baby Boomers entering into retirement age every day, it’s critical for communications to be considered and on point, which means customer-specific messaging, methods, and timing. Sabal Group provides the data-rich insight that makes this possible, helping you to not only market more effectively to the right customer, but also to predict how their behavior may evolve in the future.

We do this with smartly analyzed, real-time information. Sabal Group gathers and refines customized data to such an extent you know if an individual has opted in for more information, if they have a parent to plan for, or even if they have made a deposit with another senior living community.

Turn Data Analysis into Action

Data is only as powerful as the way in which your sales team uses it. If you want more meaningful engagement with qualified leads, your organization needs to continuously review its approach, identify where it has excelled, and where it can do better. We get it. That’s why Sabal Group monitors your past campaign performances to offer further insight into how your audience responded.

A target list that lacks current, optimized data results in a scattershot approach to marketing, which is inefficient and costly. Equally, a data-light approach to communications and sales pipeline management will leave you falling behind competitors rather than leapfrogging ahead of them. Expertly curated, real-time data analytics is the most compelling driver of sales and business growth today.

If you would like to learn more about the potential value of data analytics and how it can help improve your marketing campaigns, contact Maribeth Jenkins today.