As a result of the pandemic, many senior living communities are facing a challenge to retain and attract residents, while their marketing budgets continue to shrink. The stakes for senior living communities are too high to leave marketing strategies to chance. That’s why Sabal Group believes in pivoting. By shifting their strategy and relying on actionable data targeting the optimal audience most likely to convert, marketing departments can maximize their budget and drive positive results.

We know most marketers probably aren’t data scientists. That’s why you need the right partner to harness the right data to effectively target and capture the right leads and move them to conversion. Data modeling is the conduit for transforming the right data into usable information. Sabal Group’s data modeling is the right powerful tool to drive your campaign.

Data Modeling and Marketing

Through data modeling, we empower our senior living clients to make informed and strategic marketing decisions on which audience to target for the best results. We know that the data alone, without experienced analytic capabilities, doesn’t provide value. Decision makers need a framework for interpreting and applying data. That’s the value we add with our proprietary data modeling.

Our process begins by analyzing data from successful leads: your current residents, active audience members, and prospects who have asked to join a waitlist. We take that information and create a customized customer profile to identify leads that are more likely to convert. This customized profile provides you with a firm foundation for making strategic marketing decisions based on known factors. In other words, our data modeling takes what we know works and puts that information to work for you. You can decide how best to spend your budget based on hard data instead of guessing about your target audience. Better data leads to more effective campaigns!

Data Modeling Works

For data modeling to produce measurable results, we use a rigorous analytics tool called MicroModeling®. This tool refines your marketing list by evaluating numerous demographic, behavioral, and lifestyle data within a well-defined geographic area. We follow a multi phase analytical process designed to whittle down a broad, potential audience into a laser-focused group of people who have the highest potential to convert based on the variables aligned most closely with your current residents and those in the process of joining your community.

More specifically, our analysis sorts through and identifies the strongest variables from vast amounts of data. This means we can establish focus points and remove the weakest variables. Doing this gives us the ability to develop an optimal formula to guide how we build targeted lists that most resemble your target audience. This entire process produces cleaner and more accurate data, which improves your ROI by eliminating wasteful spending on audience members unlikely to convert.

But creating the list isn’t the final step. Through a cycle of continuous evaluation and analysis of results, your marketing strategy can be refined and improved each time you deploy a campaign. Over time, we typically see an increase in the effectiveness of campaigns with improved audience targeting. What does that mean? Your campaigns get stronger, your conversions increase.

Data Modeling Drives Results

When you choose to partner with Sabal Group and use our data modeling service, your senior living marketing gains a competitive edge. Successful use of data modeling aligns measurable data with your marketing objectives. Campaigns built on that foundation lead to occupancy growth and the achievement of your primary marketing goals. And you look like a marketing superstar.

Choose the Right Data Partner

Data analytics is a complex subject, and it’s hard to know who to trust to deliver results. A strong partner listens to your specific goals and provides the right resources to support those goals by turning your data into knowledge. When you’re choosing a new data partner, we think you should look for a partner who:

  • Consistently tracks and measures essential information and comparable data
  • Delivers actionable insights with organized, clear, and usable data-based information
  • Improves ROI and maximizes your marketing budget with refined lists
  • Empowers strategic decisions by quantitatively analyzing campaign results

Agile Marketing Solutions

Sabal Group helps senior living marketers remain nimble so they can adjust to shifts within the industry and their audience. We have the data to produce customized lists for your target market. As prospects and residents react to changes in the world, we can help you craft the most effective messages for the most effective channels to reach your ideal audience. If you’d like to learn more about how to maximize your marketing dollars with data modeling, please contact Maribeth today.