Despite living in an increasingly digital world, there is still beauty in a potential client or resident receiving a marketing message via traditional snail mail. Nothing can replace the look and feel of a physical letter. However, not all of your direct mailing efforts will yield the results and success that you seek. It is no longer effective to send a generic letter to a recycled list of contacts. There are numerous factors, from where your target audience lives and their income to their hobbies and interests, that you should consider when engaging with prospective audiences via a package or brochure.

Having clean, accurate targeted mailing lists with the most relevant data is essential. That’s why these four types of data are vital for a successful direct mailing campaign.

1. Financial Matters

When targeting prospective residents with a direct mail campaign, you need to be certain your audience is income-qualified for your community or offering. For example, wealthy senior citizens are apt to be interested in spending their golden years in an upscale senior living community. They’re interested in such amenities as seasonal dining menus and lifestyle initiatives. If your brochure highlights your chef-driven offerings and customized visits to local museums, it is imperative your audience qualifies for residency and has the financial means to choose your community. Relying on outdated lists means your materials might be sent to individuals who will be relying on a more limited budget.

2. Interests

A consumer’s current interests dictate their behaviors. Understanding their needs and desires helps you craft a personalized message that speaks directly to them. Moreover, being able to easily access and interact with this data means your marketing team can operate far more efficiently. No one wants to waste valuable resources formulating a campaign for an unknown audience.

Sabal Group’s data scientists help you by tracking the digital footprint of your target audiences’ online behavior. We can deliver powerful information to ensure you deliver the right messaging to the right person.

3. Lifestyle

An individual’s current lifestyle is a key element in ensuring your message reaches the ideal audience. Where does your targeted audience live? In a house, condo, or apartment? Do they cook at home or dine out? Do they travel for leisure or business? Knowing these specific details will help a marketing team paint an intimate picture of a person’s life in order to create messaging that is relevant to their immediate concerns.

4. Demographics

Where does your targeted audience live? In a house, condo, or apartment? How far do they live (in miles) from your community? How does their net worth compare to your current residents? Is it a match, higher or lower? Do they have children? What is their age? By understanding how your audience compares to your current residents, you can expect stronger results from your direct mail campaign. And our data lists are built by taking all of these factors, and dozens more, into consideration.

At Sabal Group, our data scientists are all about unearthing critical data to help your direct mail campaigns yield the best results. This involves creating quality targeted mailing lists based on crucial data points about potential residents, helping your senior living marketing team paint a clear and precise picture of real individuals. Understanding their financial worth, current lifestyle, preferences and interests ensures the compelling, relevant messaging your team creates is targeting a receptive audience. By sending a message that appeals to real people, your direct mail campaigns should deliver conversions and ROI.